AMFI-Registered Mutual Fund Distributor

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Mind Farmers function as a registered mutual fund distributor under AMFI. Additionally, Mind Farmers is involved in offering various financial services. The company abides by the relevant laws in India to ensure the confidentiality of your Personal Data. The privacy policy and data handling practices of Mind Farmers, a mutual fund distributor and financial services provider in India are mentioned below:

  1. KYC Compliance:
    Mind Farmers needs to complete Know Your Customer (KYC) processes following regulatory and legal agencies. Client information may be provided/verified/updated with regulatory agencies as required.

  2. Data Collection:
    Mind Farmers collects various data points, including personal details, financial information, images/videos of documents, voice recordings, employment details, etc. "Personal Data" refers to information by which you are identified.

  3. Data Usage:
    Mind Farmers may use your Personal Data for facilitating transactions, processing requests, providing updates, addressing complaints, verifying identity, conducting credit checks, and more. The data is also used for legal compliance, audits, record-keeping, risk management, and promotional activities.

  4. Sharing of Data:
    Mind Farmers may share your Personal Data with mutual fund registrars, banks, external third parties, regulatory authorities, and for legal compliance. The information is shared under strict confidentiality and only on a 'need to know basis'.

  5. Security Measures:
    Mind Farmers employs reasonable security practices and procedures to protect your Personal Data from misuse, loss, unauthorized access, or disclosure.

  6. User Responsibilities:
    Users are urged not to share login, password, and OTP details with others. Any inaccuracies in the provided information should be promptly corrected by contacting Mind Farmers.

  7. Policy Modifications:
    Mind Farmers reserves the right to modify the privacy policy without prior notice. Users are advised to check the policy periodically for updates.

  8. Contact for Concerns:
    Users can notify Mind Farmers via email or the helpline number mentioned on the “Contact Us” page of the website if they believe there are issues with adherence to privacy principles.

  9. Disclaimer:
    Mind Farmers is not liable for the authenticity/accuracy of user-submitted information if misused, or not attributable to Mind Farmer's actions.

    This privacy policy is designed to inform users about how Mind Farmers handles their personal information, ensure compliances with regulations, and establishes measures to safeguard data privacy and security. Users are encouraged to stay informed about policy updates and report concerns promptly.